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Road Test Refresher


Is your Road Test coming up? Take your test with confidence when you choose Red Bank Driving School. We will pick you up an hour and half before your scheduled test and practice everything you need to know for your test. Then you take your test in the comfort of the car you just practiced in.

NJ Road Test Appointment


Schedule your Road Test.

Open your permit and check the bottom middle where it says APPT FOR DRIVING TEST. If you got your permit through Red Bank Driving School you are scheduled for Eatontown and it would say EAT – The Date – The Time. If the slot is blank, go to the MVC website and check to see if you are scheduled for your Road Test. If you aren’t scheduled, you can schedule it now.

To Schedule your Road Test at the Eatontown MVC location, visit – The MVC Appointment Wizard

Choose the date and time you want for your Road Test (must be on or after 17th birthday) and then fill out the information using your permit.

Call Red Bank Driving School


Call Red Bank Driving School

Give us a call at 732-747-6000 about 6-8 weeks away from your road test to schedule your refresher lesson with the appointment. We pick you up an hour and half before your appointment and practice everything needed to prepare you for the road test. Then we take you to MVC and you use our car for your test. A parent or a ride is needed to take you home after the processing of your license is completed. Processing can take 15 minutes – 1 hour.

6 point of ID for NJ Road Test


Gather your Documents

You will need 6 points of ID to get your NJ drivers license. Start gathering the important documents you will need like your original birth certificate with the raised seal, social security card, passport, proof of address, debit or credit card.


6 Point ID Verification Flyer – (Effective June 1, 2021)
in English
in Spanish/Espanol


More information can be found on NJ MVC website


Road Test Day

What to Expect on the Day of your Road Test


When we arrive at your house, we will check the documents you have gathered to see if you have everything you need. If you have all the necessary documents, you will drive to a practice location and start practicing for your road test. Once you feel you are ready, you drive over to MVC and get in line for your test. Here you make sure you have your birth certificate or passport and permit ready for the State Examiner. When the State Examiner comes over, your driver will exit the vehicle and wait while you take your test. Once you are done, you exit the vehicle with all your paperwork and belongings. If you pass, you wait on the line to process your license. If you fail, you leave the course and go online to reschedule your test.

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